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Wedding: Vanessa + David

What an amazing wedding! Before I get into some of the details, I’d like to give a shout out to Vanessa + David’s carefully chosen venue, the Highland Springs Resort, located in Cherry Valley.  A rustic haven, you find yourself surrounded with many trees and flowers– the resort boasts 20 acres of organic herbs, their largest crop being lavender.

Being a true nature girl, Vanessa envisioned her wedding to take place in a lavender field.  When she and David took Matt and I to check out the venue, about 3 weeks before the wedding, the lavender fields were not yet in bloom.  I told her we’ll just have to pray that they bloom by her wedding day.  She agreed but added that if it’s not in bloom, that’s okay too because she’s marrying the man of her dreams and that’s what really matters.  She is so right on and wouldn’t you know it?  The Lord blessed and granted the desire of her heart– the lavender field was in full bloom on her special day!

A quick list of special details I loved:  The wedding invitation, table decor, all the decor for that matter, and the programs, were all hand made by the bride, family, and friends.  Vanessa and each bridesmaid also designed and assembled their own bouquets the night before the wedding.  Vanessa wanted to have lots of kids participate in the wedding so all her bridesmaids who have kids were part of the wedding party.  Because the processional around the lavender fields was quite long, Vanessa placed goodies for the kids at designated stations.  After the couple exchanged their vows, they praised Jesus by singing “Be Thou My Vision”– it was absolutely beautiful! Butterflies were released while Vanessa + David kissed for the first time… yes, you read correctly, this was the first time they locked lips! Displayed at the reception are pictures of the children that they both sponsor through World Vision and Asianaid. During the reception they showed a slide show, a tribute to Vanessa’s dad, which of course got me all teary eyed.  They also played a video of Vanessa and David talking about how they met, what their courtship was like, their hopes and dreams for the future– their story is beautiful and I’m sure all were blessed by it, I surely was. Oh and I almost forgot, rather than throwing her bouquet and only one person catching it, she instead gave each of the ladies a flower with an encouraging Scripture verse attached. How special was that?

I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a couple more in love with each other than these two.  Truly their desire to please God in their relationship while courting is an inspirational example to many.  I am so blessed to have been a part of their wonderful union.  Vanessa + David, you are truly a precious couple!  Much love to you both!

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* added: It seems like every time someone takes a picture of me during a wedding I look like I’m either mad or unhappy.
That’s really not the case. I love shooting weddings– most of the time I look that way because I’m thinking LOL.

This image was snapped by Vanessa’s auntie, Carolyn. Thanks Carolyn for sharing and your kind comment which I included below.
I love my job! I get to meet so many nice peeps!

Dear Rowena,
I just watched the slide presentation of Vanessa and David’s wedding.

The pictures are stunning, absolutely beautiful! I wanted to send you a
couple pictures
that I took of you.
(I don’t even pretend to be a photographer but I thought these were fun shots of
you and Vanessa. Plus I loved the one I am sending of Winette with her two little granddaughters.)

I enjoyed getting to know you, besides being the best photographer on the west coast you are also an
outstanding and lovely person. Thank you for your work, dedication and beauty. Carolyn