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Collie & Chris Wedding: sneak peek

It’s not typical that my sneak peeks of weddings are other than an image of the bride and groom but when I wrote this it was Monday and I was feeling a little sentimental so bear with me. During the course of a wedding, I usually note one or two special moments that makes me mushy inside and think, oh, how sweet…”, [which serves to remind me why I enjoy documenting weddings so much]. At Collie and Chris’ wedding that moment came when I saw Collie’s father look at his beautiful daughter with a fixed gaze and the adoring look that she gave in return as they danced the special father-daughter dance. At that moment, without warning, my eyes began to get misty– to the point where the mist became a flood and I could no longer see through my camera lens. I kept clicking away but got to the point that I thought I had better walk outside to collect myself before someone noticed and thought me a little strange, haha. I realized then, more than ever before, how much I missed my own dad who passed away 4 years ago this coming November. Although while working a wedding is not the best time for me to get teary about personal matters, there was a certain healing that occurred for me that evening… and anyway, at least I didn’t miss a beat! More to come.