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Theater Camp: Stars of Tomorrow

A couple of years ago Kat n’ Kay were campers taking workshops with Didi Pelev of Stars of Tomorrow. This year both girls had the opportunity to “give back” by being camp counselors. They had a lot of fun working with the kids and enjoyed fellowship with their fellow counselors. Several times the girls and I went to the Pelev’s for swim parties and once we went with the group to see Footloose, a play at the Glendale Centre Theater. Prior to the play we went to the famous Portos Cafe, yum! So many beautiful deserts to feast and enjoy. To say we’ve had a good time with the theater camps peeps this summer is an understatement, we’ve had a blast! Thank you Didi for allowing us to be a part of the camps and for cultivating in the girls a love for the arts!

*Edited to add: When we went to Footloose I was hesitant to bring the big camera but knew I’d be disappointed if I didn’t document the event so at the last minute I grabbed it. Once there I realized I forgot to bring a card, gah! Hence, the Footloose/Portos picts., complimentary of the iPhone.


"the Opera", yummy rich chocolaty goodness!

"the Opera", yummy rich chocolaty goodness!