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Fire Detector Crusade

Many friends have told me that they’ve been assisting in the “detector in the attic” crusade by passing on the info to friends and loved ones. Some have placed detectors in their own attics or are in the process of doing so, thank you!

I’m in the midst of researching this a little further so I wanted to pass along this online article about its pros and cons. Apparently the dust particles in the attic can cause the detector to go off randomly causing a false alarm. According to the article, a spokesman for the Fresno Fire Department said that attic smoke detectors are not recommended because of the large number of false alarms. On the other hand, another spokesman for the same Fire Department has a smoke detector in his own attic and says, “The fact that you have one is better than not having one.”

I find it interesting that the article also states that attic fires can smolder in the insulation for days and even weeks before fully igniting. Officials have estimated that from 30% to more than half of house fires involve attics. That’s a lot! You can read the article here for yourself– you make the judgment call and let me know what you think!


btw, Matt has an idea of how to possibly lessen the false alarms due to dust– I’ll be talking to some firemen/officials to see if it’s something that might work and will let you know the result.