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Chocolate Wisdom

I always knew that being closely knit to chocolate was a good thing, see it even gives much wisdom to those who may be lacking. Chocolate is the answer for everything!

Let me give you a little background story blog buddies.  You see, late November, early December I set a goal for myself to blog regularly (at least 3x a week).  I was on my way to feeling really good about keeping with my own quota until the inferno took place, well that set me back a wee bit, I’m sure you can sympathize.  Here it is February and I wanted to resume my goal once again and thought that this time I might be nice to make it a challenge for others as well.  I solicited forum friends to join with me to keep each other accountable– because there’s lots of us togs out there who aint blogging regulary!  Silly forum peeps, (hey OSP!) they took me seriously and they actually joined in droves!  Told you there’s a lot of us in the same sitch.  Okay, so maybe not in droves, I digress.

So, here it is, Tuesday night and I’m thinking I have all morning to blog (our deadline is to be blogged by 12 noon, Wednesday) and a sudden realization struck me, I don’t have all morning to work on my blog!  I have Bible study first thing tomorrow morning!  Not so holy thoughts lurked and wreaked havoc in my mind, thoughts like, I can pass tomorrow, after all I blogged 2 days in a row!  And, why don’t I just miss Bible study?  No, no! That won’t do!  What kind of an example would that be for the challenge starter?  Oy!  Scrambling for ideas to blog l happened on some chocolate wrappers strewn on my desk, (who ate all that?).  What do I notice?  Messages on the inside of the chocolate wrappers!  Ding!  Ello!  Blog material!  Okay, alright, I’ll share what it says already!

Wrapper One: Smile when you want to, cry when you need to, laugh whenever possible.  Wrapper Two: Put your feet up and unwind.  Wrapper Three: Bring your life to life: stop planning, start doing.  As I always thought, blog material, like art, can be found anywhere, anyplace you look.

Yippeee!  Can I get a congrats?  I blogged and even have a picture to include!  Come tomorrow morning all I have to do is hit Publish and I’ve accomplished my goal! Yayah!

A special thank you to my accountability partners! This blog post is dedicated to YOU!