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Photographer’s Summit

This week I had my first ever photographer’s meeting at my studio. I’ve been occupying the space since February of this year and have been wanting to open up the studio for such a summit (lol), but with the busy wedding season there just wasn’t the opportunity. I’m planning to add some new products this coming wedding season (my 2nd) and so I asked Brenda, an Album’s Inc. representative to come show me her wares and figured this would be a good time to ask some of my ‘tog friends in the area to come out for a couple of hours. Thanks to all who attended, I hope that you came away with some new products and ideas for the coming season– y’all come back soon! From L-R Floyd Palitang, Brenda Harper, Patrice Gaspard-Nelson, Gina Lee and her uber cute little guy, Rider (don’t you just love his name?), Moi, Marie Bunke, and Jeanette Sanchez.