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My Friend Julie

Bet you didn’t know I was once a professional scrapbooker! I was part of a design team a few years back – that’s how I met Julie. We were part of a group of 14 women who designed for PaperKuts Magazine for a year. Through the course of that year, since we all lived in different states, we mostly communicated through emails. A couple of times we met at conventions and such and whenever I travel I try to visit a few of the gals I’ve kept in touch with. 

Julie text me a couple of days ago to let me know she was going to make a quick trip to Cali with her kids and so we met up for a quick visit. Although I haven’t seen her since I think 4 years ago and we barely get a chance to chat much through email or otherwise, when I met up with her, it’s as if we just talked yesterday. I’m so fortunate to have friends like Julie whom I know that if ever I needed anything she’d be there for me. Love you girl! Until next time!