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It’s not just about the Tog

Yes, I admit it, it’s not just about the photographer. In fact I think it’s a little arrogant when photographers say that camera equipment has nothing to do with great photography but it’s the “photographer”. Sorry, I beg to differ. Okay, okay, so I won’t include other togs but for myself I will freely admit that I rely greatly on my gear and I buy the best I can afford without going into debt. Here’s an example of what my latest camera can do, the Canon 5D Mark II. When the first generation 5D’s came out I was fortunate enough to have been gifted with it by my husband and I thought that thing was totally amazing. I still do but now the Mark II has quickly become my main squeeze. Just look at the example below. That picture was taken in a dim room with only lights from the mirror reflecting on Melissa’s face. This is straight out of camera with a smidgen of exposure lightened post production. That’s it! Look how clear it is! I thought that my first 5D hunted lights, the Mark II hunts light, kills it, and brings it home baybee! Yeah!

For the techies out there: shot at 1/160 sec f/2.2, ISO 640. Lens Canon 50 1.2.

End of confession.

Oh btw, I was blessed to get a hold of the first production of the Mark II. Currently Canon is not shipping the next batch until March– so if you’re in the market for one you have time to save your pennies! Oh and thanks again to Matt for getting it and the majority of my gear out of the house before it, well, you know. LOL.