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Alright, I admit it, I suppose I’m not always the best patient.  I was told by the doctor and my massage therapist that I should wear fitted shoes (aka yucky, non-fashionable, tennis shoes) with an arch to help the foot that I broke back in November.  It’s not that I’m stubborn or uncooperative, I just wasn’t convinced that shoes with an arch would help, figuring it would just take time for my foot to heal.  Well this past weekend I shot a wedding and stood for a good part of 7 hours.  That night and the following day, my foot ached in a very bad way and my limp was back. Argeth!  Out of desperation I finally broke down yesterday and went to the sporting goods store to look for sandals with an arch (yup, still not thinking straight).  As I tried on different pairs, it felt a little better but my foot still hurt to walk on.  Last minute I thought maybe I should check out some tennis shoes.  Not really for my foot’s sake, I just remembered seeing somewhere advertised those new shoes that’s supposed to help shape your legs as you walked– wanted to see if it really worked since my legs could use some shaping up, lol.  Well let me tell you, those things for someone like me is dangerous!  They are like tennis shoes on heels and as I walked, I wobbled, yeah, I’m smart enough to know that would not be a good idea.  Suddenly, something caught my eye.  Black Asics tennis shoes.  Figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to try them on, I did and a sudden revelation (insert flashing lights) occurred to me– I strutted down the shoe aisle with practically zero pain!!!  Wow!  Really?  This is what I’ve needed all along!  Hmmm, I guess the experts do know what they are talking about, ha!

Here they are, Asics GT-2150. You’ll be seeing me sporting these puppies a lot in the next few weeks. My new motto, comfort before style (as long as it looks fairly decent with what I’m wearing). shoe-for-blog