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Nnnoooooooo! Not the Flash!

When I first started my photography business I avoided the flash at all cost, thus the term “natural light photographer”. Yes, that’s a clue. No one likes the flashed look and it isn’t the easiest thing to master. Tons of product saturate the market today to help one conquer the flash, some work and some don’t– it’s confusifying!

At first it wasn’t too difficult to avoid the flash since I started out as a portrait photographer and could dictate the time and place where I shot portraits. But shortly thereafter, as I began to shoot weddings, the inevitable was upon me; I had to befriend and conquer my number one enemy– I couldn’t very well tell my couples to only have outside weddings and only during the day, didn’t think that would fly for too long. So, through diligence, sweat, and tears, I embraced the flash and I can say today that me and him, we’ve got an understanding! Sure there’s still lots to learn about my once nemesis turned friend, and every so often we still have little scuffles, but at least now we can tolerate being in the same room. That’s progress!

All that to say, the IE tog group that meets at my gallery studio once a month had a mini class on the Flash. Paul Edwards was our spectacular speaker who gave us tips, tricks, and the what’s and wherefores of flash. It was a fun informative evening and I dare say most of the ladies came away with a better understanding and less fear of the once dreaded, FLASH. Hassah!


Our fearless leader, Lucy

Our fearless leader, Lucy