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Krista: Published!

On Monday, February 2, Krista was published for the very first time in the Sun Telegram Newspaper. She had written a “letter to the editor” in her WriteShop class and her instructor encouraged her to submit it. We are so very proud of her. Now if I can only get her to write my blog posts! Ha! Good job Kat!

p.s. she was 14 when she wrote this.

As seen in the column: The Sun Opinion, Voice of the People

Beyond Their Means (their title)

The reason many people are losing their homes in this economy is because we’ve created an environment where it is acceptable to break one’s word and walk away from obligations.

To begin with, the government lowered interest rates, which made borrowing money cheap and easily accessible. Suddenly able to borrow money, many gave way to spending money that they did not have the means to pay back.

Also, instead of saving up and paying cash for their purchases, many people borrowed more money than they could reasonably afford or pay back. Several consumers only needed a car, not a Ferrari. Some lenders put themselves at increased risk because they did not make certain that the loans they made could or would be repaid.

In addition, housing prices continued to climb yet wages did not keep pace. Logically, the more expensive an item becomes and the slower one’s income increases, the less amount of that item will be sold. The reality is, many people have come to the realization that they can not afford the house they bought.

Until either people can earn more money or stop spending beyond their means, many will just keep losing their homes and suffering financial ruin.