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Category Archives: personal

Wicked Gone Ba-bye

It seems like It has been a looong time since we listened to the soundtrack of Wicked, so today we blasted it whilst we went back and forth to the girl’s science classes.  Ahhhh… too bad it’s now gone, ba-bye, hasta la vista.  I hope you got a chance to see it cuz if not, […]

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Kayla: headshot

Kayla, Keeks, Keekster, Kika, Kaybee, KK. Those are just a few of the names we affectionately call her. Here’s a headshot– she needs it for theater auditions and I needed to blog today, ha!

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Birthday: 3 in 1

As most people know, both of my daughters were born on my birthday which is on January 26.  They are 2 years apart, born el natural (NOT induced), and all to God’s glory.  Just goes to show that even the silliest request aint so silly to Him!  Yes, I prayed for it Because there’s 3 […]

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Krista: Published!

On Monday, February 2, Krista was published for the very first time in the Sun Telegram Newspaper. She had written a “letter to the editor” in her WriteShop class and her instructor encouraged her to submit it. We are so very proud of her. Now if I can only get her to write my blog […]

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It’s not just about the Tog

Yes, I admit it, it’s not just about the photographer. In fact I think it’s a little arrogant when photographers say that camera equipment has nothing to do with great photography but it’s the “photographer”. Sorry, I beg to differ. Okay, okay, so I won’t include other togs but for myself I will freely admit […]

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Fire Update: house heater

Quick update, the Forensic Fire Investigator has traced that the fire was caused by the house heater. Also in further research of smoke detectors I guess there’s a plethora out there on the market to choose from and there are other alternatives to the smoke detectors like ones that detect heat/temperature (though not sure how […]

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Missed Messages

It has come to my attention that for the past few weeks since our displacement, people have repeatedly sent me emails and made phone calls which I did not receive. If you’ve emailed or called and haven’t heard back from me please contact me again, my apologies! Contact me directly on my cell at [909] […]

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Overwhelmed, not by the situation that we’ve had to deal with the last couple of days but by the outpouring of kindness, concern, love, and gifts that many of our friends near and far have exhibited through this small glitch in our lives. We have had many emails, facebook comments, phone calls, and much support […]

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A Very Merry Christmas to All!

Record planning, 6 days prior to we decided to have a Christmas Open House which was held this past Sunday. With the help of facebook, internet, and texting we invited peeps to come to the open house to fellowship, worship, and just plain have some fun with friends, old and new. It was a nice […]

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Matko Christmas Dinner

This year our Christmas dinner was held at Market Broiler. All were there except David (Senior Design Engineer) and his wife. It was a nice time.

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