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Category Archives: family

Charred House Update

We’re going on 9 months since the 2008 Christmas Blaze.  Here’s the link to the “fire” blog post in case you want to reminisce, ha!  There hasn’t been any update because up until about 2 weeks ago, movement towards rebuilding was at a standstill.  Many of whom I tell that to automatically think it’s because […]

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Theater Camp: Stars of Tomorrow

A couple of years ago Kat n’ Kay were campers taking workshops with Didi Pelev of Stars of Tomorrow. This year both girls had the opportunity to “give back” by being camp counselors. They had a lot of fun working with the kids and enjoyed fellowship with their fellow counselors. Several times the girls and […]

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Well I’ll be… lot’s of new things this week.  I’m proud to announce that I’ve just been accepted by Modern Photographers, yayah!  Modern Photographers is an elite group of professional wedding and portrait photographers whose work has been reviewed and accepted as the best of the best of modern photography.  Current members as well as […]

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A quick update, you will notice that there has been a few changes on my blog. We are still working on updating the data and such but the basic page design is complete. In the meantime a post is always more enjoyable when there’s a picture so here’s Mozart our Pomeranean when he was only […]

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Wicked Gone Ba-bye

It seems like It has been a looong time since we listened to the soundtrack of Wicked, so today we blasted it whilst we went back and forth to the girl’s science classes.  Ahhhh… too bad it’s now gone, ba-bye, hasta la vista.  I hope you got a chance to see it cuz if not, […]

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Kayla: headshot

Kayla, Keeks, Keekster, Kika, Kaybee, KK. Those are just a few of the names we affectionately call her. Here’s a headshot– she needs it for theater auditions and I needed to blog today, ha!

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Birthday: 3 in 1

As most people know, both of my daughters were born on my birthday which is on January 26.  They are 2 years apart, born el natural (NOT induced), and all to God’s glory.  Just goes to show that even the silliest request aint so silly to Him!  Yes, I prayed for it Because there’s 3 […]

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Krista: Published!

On Monday, February 2, Krista was published for the very first time in the Sun Telegram Newspaper. She had written a “letter to the editor” in her WriteShop class and her instructor encouraged her to submit it. We are so very proud of her. Now if I can only get her to write my blog […]

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Munoz Family: Slideshow

SLIDESHOW!! Happy Thursday!

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Munoz Family

This afternoon I set out to edit just a couple of images with the intention to post a sneak peek. I liked so many of the images that when I began it was hard to stop, before I knew it I was editing away. Meet the Munoz Family, mom, dad, Solomon, Marlon, and Joanna. What […]

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