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Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Southern California who enjoys documenting "life as it happens". Through this blog I will share with you my current work, my life, and random musings– probably more than you ever wanted to know, ha!

I'm now offering Workshops and One on One Mentoring. Check it out by going to the drop down menu at the top titled, Workshop | Other Info.

Enjoy your stay, visit as often as you like, and leave nice comments :)

Be Blessed and pass it on! –Rowena

Contact Information: / [909] 362.7362



Wedding Sneak Peek: Katherine and Erik

Beautiful couple, Katherine and Erik are from Washington DC. Their wedding took place at the Christmas House. Congratulations! Thank you both for being a fantastic couple to work with!








Friends: Peter, Krista, and Kayla

These 3 have been friends for years having met through theatre. Peter got a new hair cut, Krista needed senior picts, and Kayla, an additional prop, haha — so we decided to combine the shoots for one big day and here’s the result.



Goofin' around, those are my girls!


A Birthday Surprise

Jeremy surprised Bethanne by taking her to have her make-up and hair done with Nicole at Palazzo Salon and a photoshoot with me for her 21st birthday.

Contemporary version of the 1930 Grant Wood Painting

One on One Mentorship Workshop

Rhonda has LOVED photography since she was a young teen. For one reason or another, she never got the chance to really delve into the hobby and learn all the ins and outs of a camera although she always wanted to. This past Christmas that changed when her thoughtful son Bryan, purchased as a gift from me, a One on One Workshop. It took us a couple of months until we got to finally meet for our session together but I’m happy to say that just in time, right before Mother’s Day, we met. And guess what she got from her hubby on Mother’s Day? A new Canon 5D camera!!! Moral of the story? If you want a new camera, take a workshop from me– ha!

Thank you Rhonda for your interest in signing up for another session… that means you learned a thing or two from me and that makes me super happy! Until our next session!




Bryan: Senior Session

Bryan is a senior at Mesa Grande who has a myriad of interests. Playing both the piano and guitar, he is a gifted musician who loves praising God, by using his gift of leading music at his church.

In his Jr. Year, Bryan played basketball for the school’s Varsity team until towards the end of the season, he badly inured his knee which required surgery– but that didn’t deter him! Having been fascinated with flying since he was 6 years old, he went on to receive his private pilot’s license this past January. Bryan plans to attend Pacific Union College in Northern California to major in Aviation/Pre-Med. Ultimately, his goal is to become a missionary doctor to serve wherever the good Lord calls him.

Thank You Lord for young men like Bryan. I’m really looking forward to seeing what God does in his life as he seeks to serve Him.

p.s. Bryan also gifted his mamma this past Christmas with a One on One Mentor session with me– a boy after my own heart! haha.














Senior Session: Carrie

Yuppers, I’m still playing catch-up. This is Carrie who graduated this past June. It was fun shooting in the nooks and crannies of my own ‘hood. Enjoy!


Sturges Center for the Fine Arts: Blithe Spirit

It’s no secret that I love shooting theatre, so when I was asked to shoot a play at venue where I’ve never photographed before, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! This show was produced by Riverside Community Players and played only for one day at the Sturges Center for the Fine Arts. Thanks for looking!


Shelly Bell – Personal Fitness Trainer

Shelly and I met because she was looking for a photographer to produce images for her promotional materials, website, and blog.  I am a pretty good judge of character and as soon as I met Shelly I liked her right away and knew that I wanted to work with her.  Little did I know that several months after we did her photo shoot, she’d become my Personal Fitness Trainer.  It never crossed my mind to hire a personal trainer before, but after getting to know her during our shoot, my interest was piqued.  She’s an incredible lady– you’d have to be, to work with someone as stubborn about exercise and complaint-full like me, lol.  She’s not only beautiful on the outside but just as beautiful on the inside.  I told Matt just the other day that she’s been such a blessing to me.  She keeps me motivated, is encouraging, patient, and keeps me looking svelte!  Haha!  If you want to get serious about health and exercise call Shelly, she won’t disappoint!








Thoughts on the Mini External Drive

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Wow”!  I’ve always wanted to know what Rowena thought of the mini drives! Well wonder no more, I’ll share!  Ha!  Actually, it’s November which is thankful month so I thought I’d post some things that has helped me in my business that I’m thankful for.

I am so glad that external mini drives were invented. We all live such busy lives that we have to take advantage of the snatches of time that we have available, to work and meet deadlines.  The mini drive is compact, lightweight, and can easily fit into my purse or computer bag making it very convenient.  It’s a time saver because it allows me to work while I’m waiting around in between the girl’s classes and appointments.  Away from my studio, all I have to do is plug it into my laptop and once I’m back, I can plug it right into my desktop and continue with whatever I was working on.  There are times when I’m a little bored with working at the studio and need a change of scenery– like right now for example, I’m typing this as I’m sipping my Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, waiting for Krista to get out of her Chemistry class :)

Let me know if you already use mini drives or if this info has helped you.  Blessings!